maandag 13 maart 2017

It is all about dolls...

Crochetdoll Caitlin Bongers

This is the first doll we made, we used lots of different materials and techniques. 

The hair is still crocheted on the head on this one, with the other dolls we sewed the hair onto the head.

The base is crochet with Ayumi, a silk, ramie and wool blend. 

The hair is our yarn Yumi, a silk and yak blend. 

The top is also Yumi but hand dyed with walnut. 

The skirt was made with a cotton fabric and embroidered with a silk thread.

The cowl is hand spun and hand knit with beautiful quality Dutch alpaca.

Kimono jacket, embroidery, Marijke Bongers

The second doll wears a little kimono jacked dyed with madder and walnut and embroidered with silk. The dyed fabric is cotton.

The skirt is made of linen. Her hair is also made with Yumi but this time it was dyed with walnut.

We truly enjoy making these dolls and clothes and will be making more in the future ;-)

silk embroidery on longer kimono for doll, Caitlin Bongers

We are also working on a pattern for the base of the doll and tutorials on how to make clothes. 

The yarn I used here on a new kimono jacket is already available in our etsy shop.

Omdat we steeds meer Amerikaanse en Engelstalige lezers en klanten hebben gaat Caitlin voortaan haar stukjes in het Engels schrijven.

Op Caitlins Instagram kan je al twee kleine filmpjes over deze poppen bekijken.